Friday, February 3, 2012

Tuesday A Day of Sewing

Mom and I, along with Marylou, Victoria, and Judi joined Carol for a day of sewing, visiting, laughing and eating. All things quilters love to do! Searching for a quilt block named "Hunter's Star" on the Internet.

Laughing at a song by Tom Rush entitled "Remember Song" on YouTube..

Marylou worked on her beautiful "Grandmother's Flower Garden", Judi worked on applique` for her "Calendar Quilt", Victoria worked on hand sewing her binding, Mom was hand quilting a quilt projects she has been working on while Carol and I set out sewing on our machines.

Carol worked on blocks that will go on the back of her "Build A Quilt" once Travis and Marylou removed a lint ball in her new vintage Singer sewing machine.

Me, I was working on half square triangles for a challenge we were given at Piecemakers in January. For years my sewing friends have been giving me their trim up triangles, chuckling and wondering what on earth I was going to do with all those triangles. I keep them in the box my friend, Sue gave me for Christmas several years ago setting on my shelf just waiting for an opportunity to come out and join the party. I use these as my leaders and enders each time I sew. Most quilters have found if you start with a piece of folded fabric under your needle to sew on and off at the beginning and ending of your chain piecing, you won't end up with a thread nest when you begin sewing. Not to mention the fact that you save thread when using this method of sewing. After reading Bonnie Hunter's book "Adventures with Leaders & Enders" I adopted Bonnie's method and instead of using that piece of folded fabric, I use the triangles my friends gave me and make half square triangles that are just waiting to be included in a quilting project.  Never throw trim up triangles away, this is what you can do with them........Now to add a border, this wall hanging must be at least 36" so here is the first border.Still not there yet, so a second border........Eureka! my project is done.....thank you sewing friends. Do you see your triangles in my project?

This year at Piecemakers we are working on a Civil War Quilt. For the month of January we are to make three blocks. The first block is the Arkansas Crossroads The second is Union Square and the third and last is Red River Campaign. When working on quilts, I like to make two at a time. I figure the hardest part of making a quilt is the construction of the block, so if you do one more block while it is fresh on your mind, it isn't as difficult as starting from scratch. So, here are my second set of blocks My friends think I am nuts.... What do you think?


Karen Marye said...

Not at all. You inspire me. Your squares are so squared up I love that. wish mine were.. still working on that.. and doing more blocks at a time yes I agree keeps it fresh in the mind so I'm working on that Idea just to help my projects out. thanks Deb. Blessing to you from above, Karen

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think your nuts at all, I only wish I had the time to sit down and enjoy sewing and quilting. Maybe when I get old. Hahahahaha.