Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quilted Travel Bag / Sewing Bag Tutorial

Several folks have asked for my directions for making this quilted travel bag, so I thought I would make a tutorial. Hope this helps.
Items needed for this project are two pieces of fabric measuring 14” x 20”. One of these fabrics will be the outside of your bag and the other will be the lining of the bag. You will also need a piece of ¾” Hook & Loop tape (Velcro) measuring 12.5”.
Make a quilt sandwich using your fabric and batting. Quilt this sandwich with any design you like such as crosshatch, or meandering.Once quilted, trim to measure 12.5” x 18.5”.

Sew hook piece of Velcro on outside of quilted fabric strip along the top. Stitch the bottom of the Velcro.

Repeat on the other end of quilted fabric strip sewing the loop piece of Velcro on the outer edge of fabric. 

Fold in half, right sides together.
Sew side seams.

Open bag and sew a 1.5” gusset on each side of bottom of bag. (Match up the seam on the bottom and side , pin through all thickness and stitch straight across the corner for form a guesset.)

Turn bag, now fold Velcro down
and top stitch in place. 
I made tabs to help me open my bag
And this is the finished project.Hope you have fun making your travel bag. This could also be used as a sewing bag. Enjoy...



Do you not put handles on this bag? How do you carry it?

vernie said...

love your idea of Velcro rather than zip, also love the fabric,