Friday, November 4, 2011

Tuesday All Over Again.......

If it is Tuesday, you guessed it we must be sewing. Bright and early Marylou, Victoria and Judi arrived to get started on a full day of sewing. Marylou started with cutting her strips for the Bargello Project. Once the cutting was done she went straight to the sewing machine to get started sewing,while Victoria gets a little visiting in and ponders what to start this morningI'm working away on yet another set of Bargello Placemats. The third set, want to make sure I get this right before I teach this project this month.
Judi works away on a Christmas ProjectMom happily sews yet another hexagon for our Grandmother Garden Quilt while visiting with everyone.

And then Carol arrives and shows us the quilt she and Bird (her little granddaughter) have been working on over the year Mom takes a closer look. Beautiful quilt Carol! What a special memory Bird will have.....sewing with her Nana.

Victoria did get busy sewing and worked on yet another Charity Quilt. Unfortunately, I failed to get a picture of the completed quilt. Sorry V. At last count I think Victoria said we had 48 quilts. Way to go ladies......

Judi worked most of the day and finished her project What a beautiful wall hanging Judi......... Carol also shares with us one of her

latest projectscrochet.

I thought I would also share what is going on outside right now in the Ozarks. The leaves are changing, I didn't think this would happen due to lack of rain this year. But the colors are beautiful!  Hope you enjoyed our day, and I hope your day is wonderful as well. Till next time............

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sewing Tuesday......

It's Tuesday, guess what we are doing!I'm once again working on a class I will teach next month at Piecemakers, "Bargello Placemats". Last week I sewed strips together making a tube This week, I cut strips of this tube and started the process of making my Bargello Placemats one strip at a timethen another
and anotherJust watching it grow..............................

And then at the end of the day this is what I accomplished

 Marylou's back at it once again,working on blocks for her beautiful Grandmothers Flower Garden, this quilt will win awards! I can't wait to see it finished. Victoria has started the process of sewing her strips for her placemats one strip at a time

through out the day.Victoria's strips are growing, I love the fabrics she picked, these are going to make beautiful placements.

Mom is busily working on connecting hexogons for our Grandmothers Flower Garden.

 While keeping a watchful eye on Carol's pressing

Yes that's right, Carol was able to join us today. What a blessing! It has been so long since we have been able to sew together. Carol jumped right in unsewing a few missewn blocks that misteriously appeared in her "Blue Ridge Beauty" earlier in the year while she wasn't watching.  Thank goodness you caught it in time Carol, unlike someone we know who had completely quilted the quilt only to find out that some of the blocks were misplaced. We want mention names, but I believe her initals are dsm. 

Judi is tucked in just behind Carol, sorry Judi I didn't get a closer picture of you at work on your Block of the Month (BOM) Quilt. Judi is calling this quilt her Barn Quilt. This quilt is going to be wonderful, I can't wait to see it finished. It is all applique` and what a job Judi is doing! Each block is BEAUTIFUL......

The only one missing was our friend Sue

Oh how we miss you! Sue is our long distance Tuesday Quilter. We had the pleasure of sewing with Sue for many years before she decided to move back North to Wisconsin to be closer to family. Hopefully Sue will continue sewing with us. This is a picture of Sue's Mystery Journey Quilt in progress. Sue started this quilt just before she moved and worked on it right along with us each month.  Another quilt that we worked on as a group was a quilt called Star Light  Sue makes beautiful quilts.
See why we love Tuesday? I am so very blessed to have each of these ladies in my life!

Friday, October 21, 2011

If it's Tuesday we must be sewing.......

Finally, after several month of not being able to come together to sew, we are at it again. Tuesday is our day to sew and we gather as a group to work on what ever project we need to work on. Each project is as diverse as is the person making the project, but we all call ourselves quilters.

Mom's a new comer to the group, she may not be a quilter yet, but give us some time and we will convert her. Today I have her working on English Paper Piecing. Someday we will have enough hexagons to make a "Scrappy Grandmothers Flower Garden".

Judi's is busy working on her Applique` today,a skill she has certainly mastered. This will be a  Calendar Quilt when she completes the project and you would not beleive the detail Judi has put into each of the blocks that will make up this quilt.

Victoria is working on a care quilt that our larger group, Piecemakers, has taken on as a project this year. We are making quilts for the Special School in Clinton, Victoria is the leader of this project. I am just amazed at the number of quilts that have been made so far and they are still coming in. Great going Victoria and all the other Piecemakers that are helping make this project a success. Mary Lou is busy hand sewing hexagons together adding to her "Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt" blocks. This quilt is going to be absoluatly beautiful when it is completed. Mary Lou shows us some of the fabric she has used to make her hexagons. Each piece has been fussy cut in order to get the perfect flower to make each hexagon.  I can't wait to see the completed quilt.

I worked most of the day cutting fabric and sewing strips together making a tube of fabric for a project I am teaching next month at Piecemakers called Bargello Placemats.Till next time, hope you have a wonderful day.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Move In Day Has Arrived

 Mom and Pam came up for a visit after our family reunion in Conway over the weekend. On Monday Pam and Mom headed to Little Rock with me leading the way, to begin the process of picking out furniture for the move. Pam had to head on home to go back to work, but Sheri sent a couple of workers over to help load the furniture for the move on Tuesday. By Tuesday at 11:30 we had Mom moved in.  Thankfully, Sunday night George and Josh got Mom's heater all set up.   On Wednesday, Dish Network arrived to hook up Mom's Television.  And on Thursday Sheri came up for a visit.

Monday, September 26, 2011

It Is Done!

One day shy of two months and Mom's Space is done! We started taking down trees on July 25, 2011 and the last touch was finished on September 24, 2011. Now the only thing we need now is Mom, and of course to make her life more comfortable, she is probably going to want some furniture.

Monday Randal, Doug, and Brandon returned to build the back porch and ramp. And finish up a few odds and ends. And on Tuesday they started on the door in my sewing room. As you can see my late door was a very large door with a very large opening.

Quickly the guys stared enclosing the opening to the size of the new door.Added the

outside wallalong with insulation and then........

the door.Next came the cedar

to cover the insulationand framing the door.

Along with replacing the oak boards on the outside wall.

James and Johnathon returned on Thursday to run the gas line, so the Plumbers are done. Now Mom's space is ready for a heater. More shopping to do........

Stacy returned on Saturday to attach the vanity doors and drawer covers and now the vanity is done.The vanity light is hung and is waiting on a mirror from Mom's Towel racks are attached and the shower curtain is in placeBeside furniture the only thing missing is Mom. Next comes the move............